A Belated Bright Squares Post

A Bright Moment every morning ...my garden means so much to me and I have enjoyed every day as it has evolved and matured and become a wildlife sanctuary of sorts. Recently returned from its debut in Letchworth Windows Project....my 100 images of my garden over the years, the thing that brightens my every morning …

Path- Photo a Day Prompt July 21

Up the Garden Path today look what I found- seemingly a daisy but yellow not the usual white with yellow centre, this is life at the moment and yearnings for places further afield are soon to be realised later in the year...with a planned visit to St Ives. During which was to be the Arts …

June photo a day challenge

Lazing on a sunny afternoon......welcome June June brings another rush of Birthdays in the family and of course Father's Day - normally a time of family gatherings and celebrations for the extended family. My eldest grand daughter will be eleven in a few days time, where have those years gone, so grown up, so adorable. …

Square Tops April 20 : Tulipa Top Parrot

  The Tulipa Top Parrot is one of my favourite tulips and I'm hoping one of my bulbs growing in the garden could be just that...but I will have to wait and see...any day now! Also the hostas are growing fast and of course the alliums...so looking forward to those opening too. The bulbs were …

Happy Life.

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