RTDP: the trouble with Rex !

Saturday’s RTDP prompt is trouble and the first thing that comes to mind is Rex , my Rag-doll/Burmese cross, feline friend.

Just this week I received my first gift of the year, a dead mouse laid out on the kitchen floor.

Rex has only recently regained his freedom of the house after a succession of live mice gifted to me -during the night – on my bed.

He also constantly wakes me up by gently clawing my face at any time between 4am- 6 am

for no valid reason, other than to annoy me.

When I do make my way downstairs he waits until I am about four steps down and then runs past trying to trip me up…I’ve now learnt to pretend I’m walking down and wait for him to overtake me at brake neck speed.

Another speciality of his, since a kitten, is gnawing through wires…..so far: three lap top cables (expensive) ;two phone chargers ;telephone cable; fairy tree lights (not replaceable); My partners electric razor lead, that’s all I can think of for now, luckily no harm to him just expensive and annoying.

His long hair brings in to the house leaves, slugs, and debris of assorted varieties…..

He is never far from my side at any time…..

and he always manages to be in, on or in between whatever I am trying to do……

The trouble with Rex....he is adorable...so I just have to take the good with the annoying!
The trouble with Rex….he is adorable…so I just have to take the good with the annoying!

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  1. Rex is adorable! I grew up on a farm and every Spring our cat left decapitated mouse carcasses on the back stoop. I found them as I left for work. I was not amused!


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