Hertford Art Trail Opens Saturday April 8 2023

So excited to be accepted to take part in The Hertford Art Trail 2023. The Art Trail this year is being organised by Courtyard Arts Hertford. My work will be displayed at https://brothershipstudio.com/ Bull Plain Hertford. These are recent images I have been working on and some might be included in the art trail depending …

New project – new work

That initial thought 💭 that leads to a new body of work. Often a struggle - always a struggle - you grasp at an idea and it doesn’t always go the way you thought it would. I’ve spent (wasted) the past few weeks trying to master gelli plate printing- after several attempts and watching many …

How did it go?

Thank you to everyone who visited us at our exhibition 'Death, Dreams & Desire' which took place from 22nd September to 2nd October 2022. The venue was the unique Safehouse 1 in Peckham, London. Taking the ideas of Sigmund Freud as inspiration, we opened up new pathways of expression and thinking through a multitude of artistic media. From the haunting and self-questioning, the deathly and the curious, to the desire and the violence. All of the senses were stimulated through sound, film, photography, drawing, textiles and paint. We are proud to have shone new light on Freudian thinking and ideas.

Death Dreams and Desire- Just One week until launch – 22.9.2022.

About Memento Collective A collective of five working artists who meet regularly to share and discuss the progress of their work. Through doing so they have identified a number of common themes; memory, loss, re-emergence and return. These are expressed by each artist through a variety of practices, concepts and techniques, including drawing, painting and printmaking; sculpture; photography and film; documentation, installation and live art.

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