A plea from a victim of theft:

Dear all,
Will you please share this with your friends.
I am clutching at straws here but as you will see I have nothing to lose.

With a huge amount of luck and that the theory of 6 degrees of separation is actually true, I am hoping that the individuals who stole my company van, a silver Ford Transit Sport with 2 black stripes up the front reg: FL 61 OOW, along with all my tools, during the early hours of Monday 06/05/13, will receive this message. If they do I would like them to know that I am not too worried about the vehicle, but the tools are a different matter. It has taken me 30 years to build up that kit and it cannot be replaced overnight.
To you they are probably just an added bonus and worth a few hundred pounds, whereas to me they are worth thousands in income over the year by enabling me to do the job I am employed to do. Ok, you may say they are insured and can be replaced. Unfortunately some of the items cannot be replaced as they have been made to suit a specific job and I no longer have access to the facilities required to make them. Others are obsolete and the modern equivalent are nowhere near as good. If any of you are, or have been craftsmen, you will appreciate that you get a feel for your equipment and replacements, even though they may be the identical, never feel right. I am hoping you have not thought of them as so much excess baggage and just ditched them and that you will find a way to return the contents of the van, from both the back and the cab. If you were to leave them somewhere safe and dry and send a note with the location I could pick them up, or drop them off where you took them from. I know the last idea is a big ask, but if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Like I said I’m clutching at straws, but hey, I’ve nothing to lose, because you’ve already taken it all.

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