A longing to see the sea…….

Six Word Saturday

I posted Sea Fever by John Masefield for my Friday Ragtag daily post and all this week I have been mourning my May holiday to Cornwall that didn’t happen…..

Like many of you I’m sure I need to visit to the sea at various times during the year…it calls to me..and even a day trip could give me that fix I crave. I haven’t succumbed and I’m hoping my planned September visit will happen- pandemic allowing.

In the meantime I have my photographs and memories to keep me going until I can go to the sea again…..

4 Replies to “A longing to see the sea…….”

    1. Sadly too far to go in a day- at least for me to drive..my dream is one day to live by the sea- walking distance. I have to be content with the odd holiday for now 🙂
      It must be wonderful to wake up every day and see the sea.


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