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Journalism brings to mind integrity, balanced view, an intent to find the truth, or at least the facts, and report as accurately as possible. The media however is another thing altogether. Where everything has a spin depending on who is asking the questions and why they are asking them. Most of what is written on social media I take with a big handful of salt whereas a report from an authentic journalist can be on the whole be believed as honest reporting. In an age of cynicism, fake news and photoshop it’s hard to know what to believe, and we have to weigh up all sources and try to balance the extremities of what we hear and read with common sense and our own informed (g)estimate of what is the truth.

The glass is half full

The glass is half empty

There is no glass

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  1. I’m with you on what journalism should be — and what the news media is. But then I just read an article about the lack of media accountability, including a quote from a National Review story that sums it up nicely:
    The Russia-Trump collusion yarn is perhaps the most promoted false conspiracy theory in American history…and yet leading media personalities who hyped it are expressing no shame or remorse whatsoever.

    Yes, a huge handful of salt is wise. Thanks for participating in today’s prompt.


    1. Hi Christine, thank you. I feel I should have researched a lot more for my post, but as it wasn’t meant to be a dissertation just my thoughts off the top of my head, and my general feelings about media in our world today. Accountability is something sadly lacking in many walks of life in these times, in US and UK 😦


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