Monday Window

This is an exciting new prompt for me as it seems I do have quite a collection of windows in my library and I do love windows.

My first post on this Spring Bank Holiday Monday are windows connected with my own art work, by way of an introduction : my studio window; a gallery window I had work in a few years ago with another colleague; a window of an art space in which I had an Open Studio event, again some years ago. My featured image showing the studio now painted white- much better for the light.

After moving back to my studio I decided the blue walls had to go- they are now painted white!
This is the Wynd Gallery – A colleague and myself held an exhibition of our work there a couple of years ago. My work is on the right .
An Open Studio Event held in an empty warehouse, great light which slowly moves across to the floor later in the day.
Happy Life.

A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.


परमार्थ परमो धर्म: धर्म स्वार्थ तथैव च:।


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