Square Tops : A chapel Atop a green hill far away

Square Tops: Atop a Green Hill far away.

Recently I have mentioned (several times – sorry ) my visit to Cornwall back in November where on a wet and windy day I was out sketching The Island.

I was some distance away and visibility was not good, so squinting my eyes I drew a series of quick sketches – as per instructions from our Tutor.

First using: a single line; without looking at the sketchbook; without using peripheral vision etc….

A closer view of St Nicholas Chapel
View of The Island Chapel from Porthmeor Sea Wall

Paring down the detail or adding dramatic dark shadows, playing with the atmosphere of the subject.

Back in the studio we discussed our rough sketches and critiqued each others focus and where they might develop in to finished pieces.

I really enjoyed the freedom of showing and discussing the work with no fear of judgement from the group who were all very supportive of each other and positive in their comments. It was also so interesting to see how the others had chosen their subject and had interpreted in very diverse styles of drawing. Some used collage and we tore up the drawings and re positioned them. We could also use paint, ink printing ink etc…anything was possible!

For some reason I just kept removing more and more detail to minimise the scene almost until just the essence of the experience remained. Like a faded memory of the place I ended with three minimalist sketches that I felt captured the emotion I had experienced.

Maybe I will take them further or make a new work referencing them in the future who knows. But The Chapel on the hill holds a special significance for me and will remain in my memory far into the future.

St Nicholas is not only the patron saint of children, but also of sailors, and it is natural to assume that the latter is the reason for the dedication of this little chapel, standing as it does on the top of the Island, surrounded on three sides by the sea in this town where our ancestors have for centuries derived their livelihood from the sea.: https://www.stives-cornwall.co.uk/st-nicholas-chapel/

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    1. Yes it has a very special significance for me…I would love to see inside next time I visit. I only recently discovered that St Nicholas was the patron Saint of children and sailors.

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