Goodbye June – June Photo a Day Challenge

June is an eventful month in our family as there are two family Birthdays, also July and August have two main characters Birthdays too! An expensive time of the year all round!

As we say goodbye to June on this cool and cloudy day things are not really looking so bright as far as the virus is concerned. With Leicester going back into lockdown, and who knows where next……..comments have been made that people are not keeping to the social distancing and after the protests in London and other major cities in recent weeks who knows what the outcome will be. I am staying cautious and not rushing to return to unnecessary contact with the outside world. My dentist called to re arrange an appointment, but I declined for now- too soon for me.

Going back to family, it has been so wonderful to have celebrated the Birthdays and see the children and grand children after weeks of isolation. I have also been able to think more about my art practice and some new ideas are emerging, mainly through my sketchbook drawings and some macro photography, documenting the phases of flora and fauna. The robins fledged intact and I hope they flourish in our quieter cleaner world- for now anyway.

Here are a few snapshots from June:

Happy Life.

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