Sadler’s Wells Theatre – English National Ballet 2 – My First Cinderella


I am going to Sadler’s Wells today with my Daughter and Grand children to take them to see ‘My first Cinderella’

I loved ballet when I was little and my Mother took me to see Swan Lake and The Nutcracker which made a lasting impression on me. I dreamt I would be a ballet dancer when I grew up, and would dance around the room seemingly for hours to the music of Swan Lake. Needless to say, I didn’t realise my dream, but who knows with the Grand Children?

“My First Cinderella tells everyone’s favourite rags-to-riches story in a beautifully adapted version for young audiences. Cinderella is tormented by her spiteful stepsisters and she can only dream of attending the Prince’s glamorous ball. Abandoned to an evening of drudgery, Cinderella is visited by her Fairy Godmother who transforms her into a glittering princess who shall go to the ball.

Prokofiev’s ravishing score is accompanied with narration to ensure that everyone enjoys this classic fairytale. My First Cinderella is choreographed by George Williamson, English National Ballet’s Associate Artist.”

The My First… series brings young audiences their first taste of ballet through the magic of fairy tales, captivating music and beautiful dance. After presenting My First Sleeping Beauty at the Peacock Theatre last year, ENB2 returns with its graduating dancers of outstanding potential from English National Ballet School.”

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  1. Wow! I haven’t heard the name Sadler Wells since I was a little girl. They came to Montreal to perform and my mother took me. Hope your daughter loves it as much as I did. Thanks for the memory.


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