Jo Howe and Mary Down have work selected for The East Contemporary Art Collection

  Jo Howe and Mary Down have work selected for The East Contemporary Art Collection. jo howe DAT Trustee and past Fellow, Jo Howe and Mary Down, past Fellow and current Print Group Member, have both had work selected for an exciting new collection. “The East Contemporary Art Collection is home to some of the very best contemporary …

Welcome | SATmag

Welcome | SATmag. 'The website serves as an introduction to the new contemporary Visual Arts magazine due out in May 2013 entitled Show And Tell magazine or ‘SATmag’. The magazine is being produced in order to fill a gap in current visual arts publications. The majority of which are either International in nature, mainly offer exhibition listings, or …

BBC Two – Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, Wallace in Borneo, Bill’s Jungle Hero: Alfred Russel Wallace

BBC Two - Bill Bailey's Jungle Hero, Wallace in Borneo, Bill’s Jungle Hero: Alfred Russel Wallace. Alfred Russel Wallace At last, Bill Bailey's two-part series on Wallace is finished! It will be  on  BBC 2 on April 21st at 8pm, with episode 2 on April 28th. Related articles Ever since Wallace | Mapping Ignorance …

stream – YouTube

stream on Vimeo My love of photography probably came from my early childhood, when my parents gave me my first Brownie Box camera....many years and many cameras later led me to my time at Uni in 2005 when I started using images (and video clips) taken with my phone camera (as well as my DSL)...this started …

A Perspective Study

Plastic Bottle Oil Consumption Visualization

Plastic bottles are convenient. But their convenience and proliferation in the market blinds us to the implications inherent in their production, short-lived usage, and the long-term waste they become.

Americans alone pile 29 billion bottles per year on the Earth’s surface. Per year, this requires 17 million barrels of crude oil for production. Put another way, it’s enough oil to drive 1 million vehicles for 12 months (1). Put yet another way, if you filled a water bottle a quarter of the way up with oil, it would be about equivalent to the amount of oil needed to produce that same bottle (2). And that is only for the production of plastic. The Earth Policy Institute estimates that the total energy used to pump, process, transport and refrigerate bottled water (or any other bottled drink) is over 50 million barrels of oil annually (4). Ultimately, this results in thousands of…

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Open Day at Digswell Arts Trust Studios Digswell Herts AL6 0BU

What we do The Digswell Arts Trust is an innovative charity that for over fifty years has focused on artists in the early phase of their careers. Through our studios in Letchworth, Stevenage and Welwyn, we provide studios for approximately forty emerging artists, whom we call Fellows. But we’re not just a studio provider; we are …

The Garden and Beyond Art Exhibition this weekend

The Garden and Beyond Art Exhibition this weekend. Luton Hoo Walled Garden Events "The Garden and Beyond"    An open art exhibition featuring original works for sale by over 100 artists   Come and see their masterpieces; buy original art works to decorate your home and watch artists demonstrating their skills. New for 2013: awards for …

Pop up weekend – Arbeit

  Pop up weekend - Arbeit. Spotted this on twitter Many towns in my area have empty shops and offices...what better way than this to enliven the town and give opportunities to local artists to show their work...what a great idea this event is to advise on the procedure to use these spaces!  Following ARBEIT‏@ARBEITLONDON …

Exhibitions: Xu Bing: Landscape Landscript- Ashmolean Museum

Exhibitions: Xu Bing: Landscape Landscript- Ashmolean Museum.   A friend has recommended this exhibition..looks and sounds amazing..if you can get to Oxford it's worth a visit! "Xu Bing: Landscape Landscript, open on February 28 until May 19. Unusual because it’s the first major exhibition the Ashmolean has dedicated to contemporary art, and because Xu Bing, one …

BBC News – Why does Charles Darwin eclipse Alfred Russel Wallace?

  BBC News - Why does Charles Darwin eclipse Alfred Russel Wallace?. "The theory of evolution by natural selection was published jointly between Darwin and Monmouthshire-born Alfred Russel Wallace, whose interest in natural history developed when he moved to Neath and worked as a land surveyor with his brother. But while today Darwin is a …

Exploring the thoughts and comments of this blog..very helpful in understanding Wallace and his time….

Why Evolution Is True

by Greg Mayer

The first publication of natural selection as a general mechanism of evolutionary change was a joint paper by Darwin and Wallace read to the Linnean Society in 1858. It was not a coauthored paper, but rather the simultaneous publication under a single heading of separate works by the two authors. So why does everyone know Darwin’s name, but hardly anyone knows Wallace’s?

In a piece published last week, “Why does Charles Darwin eclipse Alfred Russel Wallace?“, the BBC’s Kevin Leonard tries to answer that question.

My first reaction to the question is usually to say “But everyone does know about Wallace!” But I do find that even many biologists—especially if they are not evolutionary biologists—know little or nothing about Wallace. And in the culture at large, Darwin is well-known while Wallace is virtually invisible. (Since, at least in the United States, “Darwin” is a curse…

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Ever since Wallace | Mapping Ignorance

Ever since Wallace | Mapping Ignorance. By Rafael Medina on March 4, 2013 BiologyEvolutionScience No Comments Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1813) is especially known as one of the discoverers of evolution by natural selection. However, among his various contributions to the development of modern biology we can also consider the British naturalist as the father of biogeography: the study …

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