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My love of photography probably came from my early childhood, when my parents gave me my first Brownie Box camera….many years and many cameras later led me to my time at Uni in 2005 when I started using images (and video clips) taken with my phone camera (as well as my DSL)…this started me on snapping the everyday on my daily journeys..and the start of my visual journal. In 2011, when I started the research for a project based on the history of Hertford I happened to take(with my i phone 4) some short video clips of the mill stream near Hartham Common..this led me to using these clips to string together the video below. I love the idea of capturing random images of interest to me and not having to think too much about the composition and technical aspects…just a jotting to remind me to re visit…but sometimes these first notes can capture the rawness and spontaneity of the moment, which holds more interest for me than a composed and considered technically correct imagery. (whatever that is).

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