Monday Musings

Another week at home starts today, a sunny morning here and the alliums are almost ready to burst open.

The hostas are looking amazing – just a few holes from the slugs and snails so far- a bit annoying – but I guess we all have to eat.

My clematis is also in flower a gorgeous purple

It’s been a quiet weekend with nothing productive to show for it. I’ve given myself permission to just go with the moods and even broke my own rule on Sunday and watched Matisse on catch up in the afternoon. My rule is not about watching Matisse, but watching television before 6pm. I’ve had a late start today because I stayed up until 3 am this morning watching Missing- the whole of series one. I’m saving series two for tonight- maybe.

I watched Lee Miller and The guernsey literary and potato peel pie society on Saturday ( or was it Friday) , both of which I really enjoyed, especially the strong feminist themes of both.

As I am behind with my routine this morning I’m thinking I might mow the lawn in place of my hiit exercise routine and then get ready- for what I’m not sure, but all the same I dress and put on my face every day- you never know!

I haven’t produced any drawing for a few days now and that worries me, but I am making a short time lapse video which will need some editing later on. I’m hoping that the fox cubs may be captured on film in the early hours of the morning, it’s about that time of year when they usually appear in my garden.

That’s my plan for today maybe a trip to my local mini market as Dad needs tomatoes

I’ve told him he needs to ration them to cut down on extra shopping trips , and I’m sure he can survive a day or two without tomatoes…we’ll see how the day goes.

My header image is Rex, my feline companion.

Happy Life.

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