Wondering where the woodpecker has gone

https://videopress.com/v/ZZnuZ7p8?preloadContent=metadata Where has he gone I wonder? Since the lockdown I haven't had a visit from Mr Woodpecker, having only in recent months welcomed him to my garden. I suspect my presence in the garden has put him off from visiting, or maybe he doesn't need to feed from my tree now? Who knows, but …

In my garden today and promise of what is to come….

Ragtag daily post standby- here come the hostas, alliums and much more! Ragtag daily post standby- here come the hostas, alliums and much more! can't wait as the signs of the annual bulbs appear again. My garden is mostly shrubs for low maintenance but I do have bulbs scattered around the beds to add colour …

Judy’s life-lesson Blog Prompt

Sort of staying away from crowds today - so as it was a lovely sunny spring day I ended up gardening all day. Mowed the lawn, trimmed the laurel, lopped some overhanging branches, Trimmed the lawn edges and did some weeding. Big mistake - now I realise I have overdone it and will probably need …

March 6 : Fragrant -POTD

'100' in my garden My garden is an important part of my everyday. First thing in the morning I open the blinds and take stock of what's happening out there. Many of the plants and shrubs have no fragrance except perhaps the hyacinths planted around the garden. Many of the shrubs have their own aroma, …

Spring has sprung! ‘On the Cusp’

Hurrah! Spring has sprung and everything is busting out all over in the garden at a gallop. Everyone around me is joyful as this new season exudes its lime green shoots and tempting buds and blossoms waiting to reveal their luscious colour! Peeking at last years images of my garden - I can't wait! The wisteria is …

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