Detail of mono print- in progress

Detail of mono print- in progress

Wallace- from here to there- a journey of discovery….This work in progress is a beginning to my personal journey of discovery following the life of Alfred Russel Wallace.

I am fascinated and amazed by this man whose determination led him to independently discover and identify the theory of evolution through natural selection.

Using old ordnance survey maps and a process of chine colle and mono print  to trace a journey from the rivers and pathways of Hertford to the Malay Archipelago and beyond.

In commemoration of 100 years since his death in 1913……many events will be staged later this year all over the world and specifically ( for praesentia) in Hertford Hertfordshire. More details to follow….


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  1. Hi Caryl thanks for the very kind comment you put on my blog, much appreciated indeed from someone as talented as you. I haven’t yet scheduled a visit to the summer show, my day job as a design consultant has been taking me away from my other art interests! Have you been yet? I heard one of the rooms of small paintings got heavily criticised for the hanging policy. Best, Nicholas.


    1. Hi Nicholas
      Yes I went on Tuesday
      Some beautiful print works and two of my favourite artists Hughie ODonoghue and Ian Mc Keever
      Not too overcrowded with art work or people – I thought- really enjoyed it


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