Flying Frog, 1855

Evidence of Wallace’s insight into natural selection prior to Darwin ‘s published papers.

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Alfred Russel Wallace, Darwin’s unheralded codiscoverer of the theory of evolution by natural selection, found inspiration in the specimens he collected on his travels.

One day in 1855, in the teeming rainforests of Borneo, a bizarre-looking frog glided down from the canopy, its webbed feet spread, and landed in the scientific literature. For when a Chinese laborer working in the area caught the green-and-yellow creature, he took it to the British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, who was collecting specimens nearby.

Fascinated by his amphibious gift, Wallace painted a watercolor of the flying frog, then an unknown species. He later discussed the species, named Rhacophorus nigropalmatus or “Wallace’s frog,” as an example of evolution’s stepwise process in his 1869 book The Malay Archipelago, in which he included a woodcut based on his original frog painting: “[I]t is very interesting to Darwinians as showing that the variability of the…

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Timeline | Digswell Arts Trust

  Timeline | Digswell Arts Trust. Fenners artists will be exhibiting specially commissioned work in the gallery space at Fenners Building, from 8 – 23rd June as part of the Letchworth Festival. The exhibition ‘Timeline’ is Fenners artists response to Letchworth Garden City’s early history. The exhibition will be open daily from 10 – 4pm. …

A plea from a victim of theft:

Richard SmithDear all,Will you please share this with your friends.I am clutching at straws here but as you will see I have nothing to lose.With a huge amount of luck and that the theory of 6 degrees of separation is actually true, I am hoping that the individuals who stole my company van, a silver …

Home | Digswell Arts Trust | Working for Artists in Hertfordshire for over 50 years

Home | Digswell Arts Trust | Working for Artists in Hertfordshire for over 50 years. Fellows at The Forge exhibit work: Maxine King: SHORT film Live East Die Young by Maxine King will be screened at Whitechapel Gallery on 12th May 2013. Narrative short Jubilee 2012, produced by KingStreetimages will be screened in New York as part …

Alfred Russel Wallace Jan 8 1823- Nov 7 1913

Today praesentia are taking a field trip to the proposed venues for their art trail in Hertford. Wallace lived for a while in Hertford:   " 8 January 1823-1828   Lives in Kensington Cottage, Usk, Monmouthshire (Wallace was born here).       1828-early 1837     praesentia intend to stage their exhibition of works …

Sunday May 5th- Art Trail

The Hertford Art Society is hosting it's 61st Open at The Cowbridge Hall in Cowbridge Hertford fromMay 5th (Why not pay them a visit on your way to Digswell where you can enjoy a further feast of fine art at The Forge, Digswell. Located on the B1000 from Hertford travelling toward Welwyn. Teas supplied by the W …

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