Security- photo challenge

Harbour – Acrylic & marble dust on canvas ©Caryl Beach

I love the sea and to watch the tide ebb and flow, see the waves crashing against the rocks, watch as the storm approaches churning the waves, contemplate the tranquil ripples of a calm swell. I do however have a hidden fear of the waves reaching beyond the safety of the ancient cliffs and man made walls, hopelessly attempting  to tame the forces of nature. The fascination I have for harbours and breakwaters do however give me a false sense of security, enough to allow myself to bravely stand at the edge of the sea and marvel at it’s overwhelming power and inability to be tamed by anyone or anything.

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  1. Beautiful works of art. I too like to stand by the beach and watch the water, waves and tide come and go. As you mentioned, there is something so powerful yet relaxing about it all – that’s the beauty in nature right there. I love watching sunsets by the beach and you never see a same one – each sunset is unique 🙂 What I’m afraid of and am not a huge fan of is getting into the water, and that’s because I do not like to get wet 🙂

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