Lily Cole’s Art Matters Series Announced – Sky Arts HD

 Last night I watched Lily Cole’s Art Matters On Sky Arts Sunday evening…….

Lily Cole’s Art Matters

 – Episode 3: Tacita Dean

I have loved Tacita Dean’s works for many years and saw her chalk board works  and Jukebox which made a great impression on me…so I was delighted to find this programme last night on Sky Arts and discover a great affinity with her, through the interview. Her way of looking at the world and her interpretation these experiences are so down to earth and easy to relate to. Looking forward to the remaining programmes.(video clip:

Model Lily Cole embarks on a whimsical journey into the world and works of Tacita Dean, as she scours flea markets and cuts film with the world-famous artist.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters Series Announced – Sky Arts HD.

Fashion model and art history graduate Lily Cole delves inside the studios and minds of six leading artists in the new documentary series Lily Cole’s Art Matters

Lily Cole’s Art Matters will see Lily embark on a fascinating journey with the renowned artists Antony Gormley, Christo, Tacita Dean, Marc Quinn, Fiona Banner and Gabriel Orozco.  In each episode, Lily spends two days with an artist and follows them into their studio to discover their artistic processes. She accompanies them to their places of inspiration as they discuss the genesis of their work and how their lives as artists really began.

Lily, who has modelled extensively from the age of 14 for some of the world’s leading fashion houses, graduated from Cambridge University in 2011 with a double first in History Of Art. While Lily has embarked on a successful acting career since leaving university, Lily Cole’s Art Matters is her first presenting role and her first foray into arts programming. Cole’s fresh and informative approach creates an accessible inroad into the drive, ideas and projects of some of the most intriguing and controversial pioneers of visual art today.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters: Antony Gormley
Tuesday 19 March 8pm

Lily Cole spends two days with Turner Prize winner Antony Gormley, OBE. His major public works include the Angel Of The North (Gateshead) and One & Other (Trafalgar Square). He offers an insight into the discipline and patience needed to make his trademark body casts, which require him to sit perfectly still and wrapped in plaster for hours on end. Lily and Antony also travel to Hamburg to experience the artist’s newest installation called the ‘Horizon Field’.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters: Christo
Tuesday 26 March 8pm

Christo is best known for his wrapped installations, fromthe Reichstag building to pavements, coastal stretches and entire islands. Lily Cole’s global adventures take her to the desert of Abu Dhabi where the determined artist plans to build what promises to be the largest art structure in the world, a project that he has spent more than 30 years and tens of millions of dollars trying to conceive.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters: Tacita Dean
Tuesday 2 April 8pm

Lily travels to Berlin to spend two days with contemporary artists Tacita Dean. Over her 20 year career Tacita has become renowned for working with 16mm film. Lily discovers how the artist uses celluloid as a canvas and, scouring a flea market together, Tacita encourages Lily to purchases a film splicing kit in order to teach her about the tactile processes of film editing.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters: Marc Quinn
Tuesday 9 April 8pm
Marc Quinn invites Lily into his studio in London to explore his painting techniques as he reveals his fascination with flowers, eyes and human identity. Travelling to Monaco, Lily tours his recent exhibition at the Monaco Institute of Oceanography and discovers how some of his works have been inspired by the birth of his children.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters: Fiona Banner
Tuesday 16 April 8pm

Fiona Banner’s work explores the problems and possibilities of written language. Fiona’s witty personality is revealed when she convinces Lily to pose nude for a portrait made out of text. Banner also opens the doors to the ‘boat’ perched on top of the South Bank’s Queen Elizabeth Hall, a one-bedroom hotel she designed in collaboration with David Kohn Architects.

Lily Cole’s Art Matters: Gabriel Orozco
Tuesday 23 April 8pm

In the final episode, Lily meets Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco who uses the urban landscape and everyday objects found within it to twist conventional notions of reality and engage viewer’s imaginations.  Lily travels to Pennsylvania for a guided tour around Gabriel’s unconventional studio and discovers his anarchic side by exploring the notion of ‘play’ with some boomerang throwing.

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