Fairy Garden and Robins- Rare May 29 Photo a Day

The fairy garden needs a re vamp

I’ve decided to re locate to a new tree stump as the overhanging ivy is swallowing up the delicate fairy abode. The robin family have been tirelessly feeding their babies the past few days but took time out from their parenting duties to help with the fairy garden move. I suspect they were foraging for the insects I had disturbed in the undergrowth, but I like to think they were helping me. Robins have a rare quality in that they are are fiercely territorial with other birds, but very tolerant with human presence.

The robin hopped very close to my feet and I had to be careful where I trod, although I’m sure he /she was perfectly alert to my movements.

The fairy garden needs much tlc as the various relics are sadly weathered during their time outside, battered victim s of the seasonal elements.

The delicate fairy door with a sweet heart shaped window and jewel door knob together with a golden key now sadly stripped of its pretty duck egg blue painted surface.

The pirate menacingly hovers above the fairy abode.

Now I look at the images I decide the ladder is shoddily constructed and the pirate needs to be replaced.

I have a lot of work ahead of me before the Grand Children return to visit!

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