Letchworth Windows March 2021

I’m delighted to be part of the Letchworth Windows Project 2021

The project is supported by the Broadway Gallery as part of the ‘Letchworth Culture Project’.

Digswell Artists from The Forge Digswell will be exhibiting work originally created for

‘In Our Garden’ : part of WGC100 Celebrations and Hertfordshire Year of Culture 2020

The work will be displayed in shop windows in Letchworth from March 2021.

I am submitting In my garden 100 :

In Our Garden: Caryl Beach.

The work I have created for this exhibition relates to my own garden, I have lived in Welwyn Garden for over 30 years and my garden is very precious to me, somewhere to retreat and reflect.

I am so fortunate to be visited regularly by squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs, deer and a myriad of bird life – my latest visitor- a greater spotted woodpecker.

I have documented the wildlife and changing seasons over the years. Initially I made mono prints of some stunning shrubs growing in my garden, together with my horse chestnut tree, which has grown over the years from a single conker planted by my children in 1987. I then started looking through my library of images and thought of selecting 100 images of my garden to create the thumbnail poster a sneak peek shown below:

The exhibition is supported by the Broadway Gallery as part of the ‘Letchworth Culture Project’.

Some mono prints made for the original exhibition in March 2020

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