Feeling Grey – cat alarm

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Daily prompt; Gray

It’s one of those grey moods that start at 5am when the cat wakes you up to be let out, he won’t be distracted by stroking or petting, he wants to go out! So you get up, it’s still dark and then you note it’s 5am. On entering the kitchen you discover that Cat number two has used the kitchen floor to relieve herself. She is nervous about venturing outside because the fox and her cubs have taken over the back garden. It’s now 6am and you didn’t go back to bed but after cleaning the floor checked your e mails over the first coffee of the day, now on second cup.

It’s a grey morning and you are tired and now all three of the cats are snoozing, lucky them. Not sure how this day will pan out but let’s hope it gets brighter and the cat is definitely staying downstairs tonight.


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