Working like mad for Open Studios!

It’s now only 14 days to go until our Open Studio Event! eek. All the artists at Digswell Arts have been beavering away making new work for this event- to celebrate 60 years of Digswell Arts. We also need to tidy up a bit as The Mayor is coming to officially open it!

I have been posting a daily countdown on twitter and we have been revealing some of the great work to be on view. We have 13 artists taking part and will be serving tea and cakes too!

It should be  great weekend.



Caption: Only 14 days to go and the pressure is on! Our Open Studio Event on May 6/7 at The Forge Digswell is looming and I have so much to do!
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  1. So much hard work, but the results look as though they are going to be amazing. Wishing you all the best over the next two weeks, and have a wonderful open day when it arrives.


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