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AXIS:Profile. Updated profile on Axis Site. The Axis web site has been re designed and is now very orange...the layout is simpler and easier to seems..I am still finding my way around it...I have now updated my profile and added a new image and video of Wallace 100 Project and Art be launched …

Praesentia’s Wallace 100 Art Trail : Hertford Town Centre

Praesentia's Wallace 100 Art Trail : Hertford Town Centre. Join our Event on Facebook....and please 'like' our Praesentia page!                     Alfred Russel Wallace  1823-1913 Lived in Hertford from 1828 to 1836 'The man who pre-empted Darwin' a quote from Professor Steve Jones, 15 January 2013 Below is a list of events that are planned for …

Wallace: the simple act of walking (short version/teaser) “Through my research of Wallace I have developed a close affinity with his early years spent in Hertford where he too walked possibly the same pathways and rivers edges and visited the sites of Old Mills. His love and fascination of nature are a passion I too share. The works I have developed for …

Exhibitions | praesentia | a group of artists exploring the past and present, making work in the here and now.

Exhibitions | praesentia | a group of artists exploring the past and present, making work in the here and now. Wallace 100 is a celebration of his life and scientific legacy in 2013, the centenary of his death. The Natural History Museum and partner institutions around the world are holding events for Wallace100, to commemorate …

HERTFORD ART SOCIETY-Members Show November 8/9/10

Wallace Prize @ HERTFORD ART SOCIETY. This exhibition is exclusively for works by Members of the Society and, this year, will take place one week later than usual to coincide with the celebration of the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace. There will be a special category in the 2013 Show for entries which reflect the natural …

Wallace 100



Press release  for  ‘Wallace 100’

A group exhibition and Art Trail

by artists, Caryl Beach, Veronica Grassi and Sally Tyrie under the group name of ‘Praesentia’

Dates; Thursday 7th Nov 2013  for approx. 2 weeks

Location; Hertford Town Centre – shop windows / walls inside premises.

Caryl Beach, Veronica Grassi and Sally Tyrie studied together at the University of Hertfordshire on the MAFine Art course and are currently based at Digswell Arts Trust studios near Welwyn. Following on from a very successful show at Courtyard Arts in Hertford in 2012, which explored aspects of Hertford’s past, they have come together again to create and display work that responds to one of Hertford’s historical residents, Alfred Russell Wallace. Their exhibition titled ‘Wallace 100’ coincides with nationwide events being organised by the Natural History Museum and partner institutions around the world to ‘commemorate the life and work of Alfred Russell…

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Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) – HVAF Members – Caryl Beach – Beach Caryl

  Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) - HVAF Members - Caryl Beach - Beach Caryl. Mono Print- Unique. To be displayed as part of Wallace 100 Celebrations November 2013. The proposed Art Trail to be staged in and around St Andrews Street and Old Cross Hertford Herts. Details and dates to be confirmed.

Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) – News – News & Exhibitions

Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) - News - News & Exhibitions. ’10 to 10’ Charity Art Exhibition - Hertford The Mayor of Hertford, Councillor Patricia Moore invites you to attend her autumn charity art exhibition ’10 to 10’ which aims to celebrate creative talent in the County Town with an exhibition at Hertford Castle on Thursday …

Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary Celebration Evening | Theatre | Hertford Theatre

This is a must for all fans of Alfred Russel Wallace!! Praesentia* will also be  announcing their 'Art Trail' to be installed to co incide with this event. We have confirmation of several venues in the centre of Hertford who have agreed to support our event to celebrate the life and achievements of Alfred Russel …

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