Melanie McCollin-Walker

See Melanie McCollin-Walker’s beautiful paintings on Australian Artists United

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Melanie McCollin-Walker – Atonement

Australian Artists United

melanie 2                                                 Image    Melanie 5                                                           melanie                                                      melanie 3                                            Image 

Melanie McCollin-Walker, creates wonderfully palpable and evocative work. She poignantly captures the human experience of naturally occurring elements, and the crucial component of movement within them.

McCollin-Walker translates her ideas directly onto canvas or linen. She relies purely on her instinct to…

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Videos – Australia – Exhibitions – Royal Academy of Arts

Videos - Australia - Exhibitions - Royal Academy of Arts. This is an amazing collection of work and there is still time to visit if you haven't already seen it! Beautiful and thought provoking..challenging and a feast of colour, content, texture and overwhelming in size and see for yourselves......  

Do I detect a sniff of ‘tinsel’ in the air?-

Winter 2013-Craft Central. I smell tinsel in the air...This week I have visited the German Street Market on the south bank - Dazzle in Oxo Building and Hertford's Christmas Event last night where the Mayor of Hertford switched on the Christmas Lights! Yes it's on it's way...Christmas. Advent is Sunday December 1st and I will …

currently on show

Sally Tyrie- New works at Art Nest Gallery Hitchin

Sally Tyrie

Wallace 100 Art Trail     now on till 26th Nov  in shops and businesses Hertford town centre. work on show by myself, Caryl Beach and Veronica Grassi in 10 locations.

including Leaf Cafe, The Classic Barber, Max’s Salon, Fingertips, Hertford Framers and IL Vino.



Also, throughout Nov, Dec    Art Nest Gallery   winter show

I have 3 new framed prints and a number of unframed prints in the gallery.

unnik group no 6 detail 3  unnik yellow study detail web

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50 over 50 – I want your face!

  50 over 50 - I want your face!. I am 62 and a student at Brighton University, studying an MA in Fine Art. ¬†My final show in October 2014 will include images of women over 50; women who have not resorted to society‚Äôs pressures to look young, women who are comfortable with their appearance, …

Sir David Attenborough unveils Wallace statue | Natural History Museum

Sir David Attenborough unveils Wallace statue | Natural History Museum At last Wallace is recognised for his achievements: 'Fellow naturalist Sir David Attenborough said, 'Wallace was an admirable man, a modest man, a tough man and a great scientist and I am truly privileged to unveil the statue of this great man.' The statue will …

In Wallace’s footsteps

More of this please!

Darkened not dormant

Malaysia map2

This week, Darren Mann, the Museum’s Head of Life Collections, is at the International Conference on Alfred Russel Wallace in Sarawak, Malaysia. He’s speaking about the Oxford’s Wallace collections, alongside other Wallace experts and enthusiasts from across the globe.

The conference takes place at the impressive-sounding Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching City, Sarawak. Wallace‚Äôs ‚ÄėSarawak Law‚Äô is the name of one of his first publications on evolution, so the location is important.¬†Wallace did some of his most important work in what was then known as the Malay Archipelago, so for a naturalist like Darren, it provides an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of one of his heroes.

Darren has sent a couple of brief reports from Malaysia, along with some photos from his trip so far. He spent a satisfying afternoon in the Sarawak Natural History Museum, courtesy of Dr. Charles Leh Moi Ung and assistant curator Mdm Wong…

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Wallace-the simple act of walking-v2 for Courtyards Arts launch.

¬† Wallace-the simple act of walking-v2 for Courtyards Arts launch Nov 10th 1-4pm from¬†caryl beach¬†3 hours ago¬†/ via¬†iMovie¬†/¬†Creative Commons Licens ‚ÄúThrough my research of Wallace I have developed a close affinity with his early years spent in Hertford¬†where he too walked the same pathways and rivers edges and visited the sites of Old Mills. His …


  HERTFORD ART SOCIETY. Hertford Art Society Members' Show - 8th, 9th and 10th November 2013 - Millbridge Rooms, Millbridge, Hertford This exhibition is exclusively for works by Members of the Society and, this year, will take place one week later than usual to coincide with the celebration of the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace. …

Hope you like insects | The Hope Entomological Collections

  Great New Blog: Hope you like beautiful.... Hope you like insects | The Hope Entomological Collections. The Hope Entomological Collections blog has landed! All of the content of the blog has now been transferred over to the WordPress platform- we just have some final tweaks to make. The toughest decision is going to …

Wallace in his own words

Wallace 100

Darkened not dormant

Here in the Museum of Natural History’s archives, we proudly house over 300 of Alfred Russel Wallace’s documents. Letters, notes and postcards written by the great naturalist himself. Here you can see Sir David Attenborough holding one of his favourites.

Over the past two years, all of the Wallace paper items in our collection have been scanned, transcribed and uploaded to Wallace Letters Online, a worldwide documentation project that’s part of the Wallace 100 celebrations. But the most remarkable thing is that all this work was done by one woman!

Annette Lord has been a volunteer at the Museum for 3 years and has helped with many family friendly activities, but one day she popped up to the Entomology Department to ask about Wallace’s letters. Her curiosity was piqued and she soon set to work on the enormous task of making them accessible to Wallace fans across the world.


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Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary Celebration Evening | Theatre | Hertford Theatre

theatre-na nog & Barebone films 'Alfred Wallace one in a Generation' and the play 'You Should Ask Wallace' Thursday November 14th doors open 7.30pm Alfred Russel Wallace Centenary Celebration Evening | Theatre | Hertford Theatre. Tickets: ¬†¬£5¬†- available from Marshall‚Äôs, 32 Fore Street, Hertford, SG14 1BY Tel: 01992 582039 Email:¬†   *************** EXCLUSIVE PRE-THEATRE DINING …


Caryl Beach uses photography, video, painting and printmaking to capture everyday experiences in the landscape, evolving into a visual diary and reflective journey.¬† Her video piece made for ‚ÄėHerford Layers‚Äô won best video at Eastern Approaches, 2012.

‚ÄúThrough my research of Wallace I have developed a close affinity with his early years spent in Hertford where he too walked possibly the same pathways and rivers edges and visited the sites of Old Mills. His love and fascination of nature are a passion I share. The works I have developed for this project reflect my journeys and observations and, I hope, capture the essence of Wallace‚Äôs own passion and enquiring mind.‚ÄĚ

I have also produced a short video for Wallace 100 titled ‚Äėthe simple act of walking‚Äô

Screening at Courtyards Arts Launch on November 10th 1-4pm and also available to view online at: Trail and viewing times plus details of launch event



via Praesentia.

Art Trail¬†¬† 7 Nov¬† ‚Äď 24¬†Nov 2013 ¬† ¬†Hertford Town Centre shop & businesses ¬† ¬† ¬†trail map to follow soon¬†

Launch Event  and  one day show of work         sculpture, video, printmaking, textiles, installation

at Courtyard Arts Centre on   sunday 10th Nov   1- 4

free on site parking on Sundays. Location  Port Vale,   Hertford  SG14 3AA


press release 

Caryl Beach, Sally Tyrie and Veronica Grassi studied together at the University of Hertfordshire on the MAFine Art course and are currently based at Digswell Arts Trust studios. Following on from a show at Courtyard Arts in Hertford in 2012, which examined Hertford’s heritage, they have come together again to create work that responds to one of Hertford’s historical residents, Alfred Russel Wallace.

‚ÄėWallace 100‚Äô Art Trail coincides with nationwide events being organised by the

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