Wallace-the simple act of walking-v2 for Courtyards Arts launch.


“Through my research of Wallace I have developed a close affinity with his early years spent in Hertford where he too walked the same pathways and rivers edges and visited the sites of Old Mills. His love and fascination of nature are a passion I share. The works I have developed for this project reflect my journeys and observations and, I hope, capture the essence of Wallace’s own passion and enquiring mind.”

I have also produced a short video for Wallace 100 titled
‘the simple act of walking’
The video explores the possible walks made by Wallace as a boy across the Meads at Hartham …it then drifts into a dreamlike state depicting his years in The Malay Archipelago and his search for the bird of paradise. 
The final clip playfully suggests that Wallace abandons his search and the bird mockingly calls after him in the woods of Hertford thus surviving capture for another day.

Screening at Courtyards Arts Launch on November 10 1-4pm and available to view online at: http://vimeo.com/78891037

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