Praesentia’s Wallace 100 Art Trail : Hertford Town Centre

Praesentia’s Wallace 100 Art Trail : Hertford Town Centre.

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                    Alfred Russel Wallace  1823-1913

Lived in Hertford from 1828 to 1836

‘The man who pre-empted Darwin’ a quote from Professor Steve Jones, 15 January 2013

Below is a list of events that are planned for Hertford around the date of Wallace’s centenary:

  1. Museum Exhibition.
    Sara Taylor and her staff have organised it for Saturday 26 October to 22 February 2014. It will then go on tour around the County and elsewhere in England. Arts Council funded. Admission Free.
  2. Art Society Members Show. This will be in the Mill Bridge Rooms opposite the Theatre and will also be free. It will have a Wallace category and be held 8,9,10 November. A prize will be awarded.
  3. Hertford Theatre will be showing a film and play about Wallace. This is being sponsored by Sue and Keith Marshall and tickets are £5 and being sold now. The play is called ‘You should ask Wallace’ a quotation from Charles Darwin and will be performed by the Welsh Company ‘Theatr na-nog’. It is a non-profit making venture. There is only one performance on Thursday 14 November at 7.30pm so book now at their furniture and carpet shop in the centre of town or reserve seats by phoning 01992 582039.
  4. Dinner at The Masters House. This will be held upstairs where Wallace slept! It is now full but a reserve list is being kept. Cost £30 including two glasses of wine.
  5.  Commemorative Sculpture  Is being organised by The Civic Society with grant aid from the Town Council and District Council so many many thanks to them.  Sculptors are being invited to tender for the work. Details on the EHDC website.
  6. Sainsburys Sculpture designed by Karen Murphy and Leiselle Bristow and is being constructed beside Hartham Common near the new Sainsburys store. It is called ‘Evolution’ and  has a strong Wallace theme
  7. Rotary Club are organising educational events with Eleanor Payne of the Museum and local schools.
  8. Courtyard Arts have a mural illustrating Henri Rousseau and Alfred Wallace with a strong jungle theme! It will be positioned beside Waitrose and near the Wallace rondel.
  9. Praesentia, Veronica Grassi, Caryl Beach and Sally Tyrie, are preparing an Art Trail around the town:
  10. Natural History Museum. They have a website  where there is interesting information and events nationally are being advertised. Hertford residents are invited to view this and organisers of events should ask to be advertised there too. No charge.
  11. Town Trail.  This is being prepared.  If you have any useful snippets of information please pass them to us. Eight places around the town will be featured. Some conducted walks will also be offered.
  12. Talk at the Theatre ’The World of Wallace’ by Errol Fuller and Dr Sandra Knapp organised by the Museum, Arts Council funded, 15 January 2014 at 7.30pm. £10
  13. Richard Hale School  boys, especially those in Wallace House, and their families are being encouraged to go to the event in Hertford Theatre
  14. Zoofari at Hertford Museum Live animals from Brazil and south-east Asia, 26 October, Arts Council funded, free
  15.  Wallace House , St Andrews Street. There is new information in the Doctors waiting room.
  16. Adults Only! Saturday 9 November, 6pm to 9pm Indonesian food and music plus some Wallace specimens at the Museum, free.

“The old town of Hertford, in which I passed the most impressionable years of my life….. is one of the most pleasantly situated towns in England…..”  Wallace in his autobiography

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