How To Open Your Own Pop-Up | Marie Claire

This is something I am really interested in getting to grips with. Where I live near Hertford, like so many towns now, there are numerous empty shops and offices.

How do you go about approaching Landlord and how does the Insurance work for a pop up, do you have to pay business rates?

This is the topic I need to research and I hope that there are some answers here:

How To Open Your Own Pop-Up | Marie Claire.

Cocktail expert and bartender Missy Flynn is resident cocktail artist at Rita’s Bar & Dining in London’s trendy Dalston. She started the ‘travelling food and drink collaboration’, which is currently enjoying a residency at Birthdays bar, with Jackson Boxer, the man behind South London’s Brunswick House Café and chef Gabriel Pryce. Previously, she was a resident cocktail expert at the Hawksmoor.
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