Lens-Artists Challenge #245: Environments: In my garden.

#Lens-Artists Challenge #245: Environments

Thinking about my change in environment in recent years, I have come to realise how important that can be to wellbeing.

Every year I get the calling to visit the sea and vast open space. A few days or better still a week or two – close to the sea is a tonic and enables me to return refreshed and ready to return to my small urban space.

My garden of over thirty years left behind when I moved ( if only I could have transported it with me) is now replaced by a small paved back yard – cluttered with planted pots brought with me .

I have managed to entice a few birds into my back yard with promises of wild bird seed, nuts and plentiful supply of water. Nesting boxes are available but probably not high enough from the ground to house any except maybe robins.

A busy road now noisily occupies the area beyond my fence, where once an open space with trees, foxes den, grazing area for deer and playground for hedgehogs as well as graveyard for my cats, sadly passed away.

Although small and paved, my new back yard does bring me some joy as I watch new hosts shoots pushing up through the soil and the small acer already a blaze of golds and reds. The ferns that survived the winter waving in the breeze, and of course the birds.

Im fortunate to have a garden of any kind and appreciate that, but still feel sad when I think of what was. Brings to mind the song ‘Big Yellow Taxi’

Below left the garden I left. On the right how my new garden looked when I moved into my new home. The third image how my yard looks now.

6 Replies to “Lens-Artists Challenge #245: Environments: In my garden.”

  1. Ha! Big Yellow Taxi indeed. They paved paradise and put in a paved backyard! LOVE that banner shot. hope fox wasn’t too friendly. Rabies carrier, etc. Thank goodness photos help us keep our memories. We ‘downsized’ last move, left a lot of yard and greenery behind.

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  2. Well Caryl- you turned the Big Yellow Taxi on it’s head and turned the pavement into paradise 😊. And it seems the critters have found their way to your new home. Here’s hoping your new garden brings you joy through the years of its continued growth.

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