Bermondsey Street Festival

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During the festival the Eames Fine Art Gallery continues to show Norman Ackroyd’s stunning watercolours and etchings of the Shetland Islands, Galapagos Islands, Donegal Bay and the Aran Islands in his new exhibition, Sea Changes. If you haven’t seen the show already, do make sure you catch it now.

In our studio, just a few minute’s walk away – close to Maltby Street Food Market, we have a more varied selection of artworks on show including beautiful new works by Howard Hodgkin, Anita Klein, Ross Loveday, David Hockney, Amanda Danicic, Henri Matisse and many others.

We hope you’ll be free to pop along to have a browse through the hundreds of prints, paintings and drawings at the studio and combine it with a visit to this fabulous festival.

Saturday 20th September 11am – 6pm

Eames Fine Art Gallery
58 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3UD
Tel: 0207 407 1025

Eames Fine Art Studio
54-58 Tanner Street, (Entrance on Pope Street), London SE1 3PH
Tel: 0207 407 6561
Bermondsey Street Festival is an annual celebration of music, dance, arts, cuisine and creativity – a local fête on a capital scale.
As well as live music, lots of stands for food and crafts, there is also entertainment for children, a dog show, a fashion show and much more, visit the festival website for more information and timings HERE.

Norman Ackroyd will also be unveiling a new large public sculpture The Shared on the Tyers Estate, just off Bermondsey Street in the afternoon.

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