Discover Prompts #20 – Music

I am taking on the challenge from @thehiddenedge to name


A child of the 50’s and a teenager of the 60’s my taste developed with age and became very eclectic. Thinking myself somewhat a rebel ( who isn’t at 13) I didn’t like much of the popular music of the time and when I did -had to settle for English covers from Woolworths if it was in the charts.

I used to go dancing at Wolsey Hall and see, then unknown, bands The Yardbirds, Unit 4 + 2, and many others I’ve forgotten now- it was 1964/5.

I did like the Beatles and Rolling Stones in the early 60’s and then grew into Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix…..John Mayall….I went to see The Musical Hair in 1969 and saw a few bands into my late teens at The Rainbow and Manor House- where I swear my friend and I saw Jimi Hendrix..but had to leave early to catch the last bus home!

I still have my collection of vinyls, but hardly ever play them now. It’s all on i tunes now or you can ask Alexa to play almost anything. But the old vinyls and the great covers with sometimes a great insert or poster- are the best -you can’t beat that!

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