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Kingsgate Workshops Trust > gallery.

Visited the Kingsgate workshops and gallery yesterday.

How inspiring it all was.

The installation in the gallery comprised a collaboration named ‘TECH:defining generations’

The artists in conversation session was especially informative and fascinating.

Last chance to visit Open Studios today 29.9.2013 12-6pm


En Plein Drawing Workshop 12-6

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Kingsgate Galley

110-116 Kingsgate Road


TECH Defining Generations is part of the ‘Testbed’ project supported by Camden Arts Centre in collaboration with Kingsgate Workshop Trust. This year’s volunteers consist of a collective of artists, educators, curators and creative entrepreneurs, engaging and interacting with the local community through visual arts.

Technology is used in our everyday lives as a tool for making, modifying or gaining knowledge, to achieve a specific goal or to solve a problem. This can be through objects as large as manufacturing machinery or as small as a mobile phone. Technology has transformed our lives, changing the way we think and work and truly defining generations. Through the work of eight artists this exhibition investigates how technology has altered artistic production. The Artists’ works present various lines of enquiry, exploring and exposing a fear of technology; using technology as an aid and looking at how mass production has transformed craft traditions. Ultimately this exhibition questions how technology affects the way we communicate and interact in our everyday lives.

TECH: Defining Generations travels through the memory and the personal histories of eight artists. It pin points moments of discovery and reveals how definitions of technology have changed over time, in the creation of urban environments and cycles of production.

There is an extensive programme of events involving local schools and the community; this will consist of artists and curator led talks, workshops and more.

Artists include:

Andre Mesquita, Anya Mustoo, Bernard Yeung, Frances Copeman, Heidi Ferid, Katrina Choy, Liam Mcgarry and Marnie Watts. The exhibition has been organised by Alex Beck, Joanna Sawkins, Laura Martin, Melanie Segall,
Michela Valsania and Sarah Blum.


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