Jeremy Gardiner at Kings Place London

Dorset | Jeremy Gardiner.

On Wednesday a friend invited me along  to Kings Place Gallery to view the work of Jeremy Gardiner.

What an experience. I hadn’t been aware of his work and was totally amazed by the scale and richness of his large scale landscape print works.

I am still surprised when I am drawn to an artist’s work, only to discover links of significance to me.

This was the case with his work. On researching further I discovered that there are references to Cornwall and Devon. In fact when we saw the paintings in the gallery I noticed immediately a sense of Nicholson and St Ives.

I especially loved the contour lines ( one of my fascinations from childhood school days)

 Each print uses copperplate engravings of stains, smudges and blotches to convey an atmosphere of antiquity, whilst the etchings of fossils are presented in formal detail, as in a scientific illustration.”

Sadly  the exhibition ends today but I would recommend visiting if you can get there!


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