Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, ITV, review – Telegraph

Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, ITV, review – Telegraph.:

While not detailed, Bailey’s explanations of Wallace’s theories were blessedly clear, often demonstrated with diagrams scribbled across the screen, and greatly enlivened by excerpts from Wallace’s diaries and letters. There was plenty of light relief, too, the best moment being Bailey’s observation that the proboscis monkeys, with their “huge noses, gouty demeanours, pale faces and permanent state of arousal” were “like large sections of the English aristocracy”. But what really won me over was the comedian’s passion; he was genuinely moved by his experiences and indignant about Wallace’s lack of recognition.”

I loved Bill Bailey’s account of Wallace’s journeys and train of thought..the graphics overlaid with his sketches and text brought you nearer to Wallace the man…I generally have a problem with the Victorian mania for killing and collecting such vast numbers of living things to decorate their homes…but that aside we have learnt so much and the documentation by Wallace is now a great learning asset in the study of evolution.


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