Sensational Butterflies | Natural History Museum

_66906199_624_pdc_2371Attracted to the Natural History Museum website by the butterfly exhibit I also stumbled upon another exhibition that is showing there:

Sebastiao Salgado never does things by half and his latest project, Genesis, which has its world premiere at the Natural History Museum in London this week, is photography on an epic scale. It comprises more than 200 prints selected from eight years’ work, shot in 32 countries.

The project’s title, Genesis, is about Salgado attempting to capture the planet as it once was, unspoilt landscapes, wildlife and remote communities that live as their ancestors did.’


This is a must for me to visit….all under one roof too!

Sensational Butterflies | Natural History Museum.

Meet the colourful and delicate creatures living in the Butterfly Houseat Natural History Museum this summer, with a butterfly exhibition full of exotic creatures, as well as plenty of child friendly activities that will keep your little ones entertained all day.

Butterfly House at Natural History Museum
Kids, families, and nature lovers of all ages can enjoy the Butterfly House at Natural History Museum series of events and exhibits, including the butterfly exhibition. Visitors can enter the house and come face to face with tropical butterflies from around the world. Hundreds of live butterflies will be feeding from their specially located tables, and hatchery windows invite visitors to witness pupae growing and emerging into butterflies.

As you head off on the butterfly trail, there’s plenty of special exhibits on route through the Butterfly House at Natural History Museum to capture the imagination. With many fun games and several interactive activities to take part in on the way round, you and your children won’t want to leave the magic of the butterfly exhibition.

Outdoor fun
Alongside the real life butterflies, there’s also plenty of outdoor fun to be had at the Natural History Museum’s butterfly exhibition. With a maze, a treehouse and a kids play area all located in the outdoor garden, this is the perfect summer exhibition for entertaining kids from now until it closes in September 2013.

The Butterfly House at Natural History Museum takes place from Friday 29th March – Sunday 15th September 2013. Tickets cost £4.50 and entry is free for under 4s. For more information and to book your tickets, call 0207 942 5725

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