Hatfield House – Exhibitions – Royal Academy of Arts

Hatfield House has re opened and the New Sculpture Trail looks exciting!

30 March – 29 September 2013

With Artists “The Royal Academicians showing work are: Ann Christopher, Richard Deacon, Alison Wilding and Bill Woodrow, who were elected to the Royal Academy as sculptor Members, and Michael Craig-Martin andGary Hume, who were elected as painters but for whom sculpture is a significant part of their artistic output.”

May I also mention that the Palace Green Gallery located in the Palace Yard has also re opened and features some fine painting, sculpture and print works by local artists, including three artists from Digswell Arts Trust.

Hatfield House and it’s grounds are well worth a visit.

Hatfield House – Exhibitions – Royal Academy of Arts.

“Dear Friend,

I received my invitation to curate an exhibition of sculpture by Royal Academicians in the gardens of Hatfield House with much interest. The house and gardens were unknown to me. On my first visit I was intrigued by the combination of the very formal garden area and the relaxed informality of the woodland area and the problem of how to use these two opposites to inform my selection and placement of Academicians sculpture. After some time spent there the spaces seemed to suggest a dialogue between the sculptural opposites of figuration and abstraction together with the resultant forms in-between.
I deliberately kept the number of artists down to six in order that the sculptures will hopefully work in balance with the house and gardens and neither will be overwhelmed by the other. The gardens are wonderful in their own right and I hope you will find the sculptures equally so. By the way, the house is stunning too!
Yours sincerely,
Bill Woodrow RA 
Here, There And Somewhere In Between
The Royal Academy at Hatfield House 
Until 29 September 2013
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