Friends Family Fairies and a Funeral

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A strange week full of mixed emotions for the family and my circle of friends. The week was overshadowed by the deeply sad farewell to an amazing woman. Celebration of a life so rich, that touched so many people over a span of over nine decades with a virtual service and a wonderful eulogy given by my Daughter in Law.

My week started with a visit to a dear friend who has been shielding and we managed four hours non stop, catching up and discussing our lockdown experience and what happens now.

These meetings with friends so precious now that we have been physically separated for so long. Virtual just doesn’t compare to the real thing.

Friday ended the week on a high with a visit to the Fairy Trail at Audley End with my Son, Daughter, Daughter in law and four Grand Children. After the excitement of arriving- just in time- to catch the train- and then the Fairy Walk. We then sat in the warm sunshine and relaxed and chatted while the children played together. The two little ones just love to get together and the two older ones chaperoned them during their play together.

Family and Friends, for me that’s what life is all about- what more do you need?

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