RDP Friday – Settle


The prompt for this Friday:

‘Everyone I talk to these days talks about getting back to “normal”, whereas I am thinking more and more like we just need to accept, if not embrace, today.  So, today’s word is all about settling in to the way things are in the present moment…Settle.  I’m looking forward to seeing your interpretations in words, images, poems, videos, and whatever other creations you come up with…have fun!’

To settle can sound a very negative state to be in:

settle down

settle for second best

compromise in some way.

As an older person I now see this as an advantageous state to be in.

I am happy to have this slower pace of life. To embrace the simpler things of life.

To enjoy where I am in life both geographically and emotionally.

I have long since preferred to have short breaks away, travelling around our island, so much

still unexplored, so much rugged beauty on our doorstep. Our local is someone else’s

adventure surely.

But, maybe I have one more adventure left before I finally settle.

One Reply to “RDP Friday – Settle”

  1. I am with you here. I have enjoyed settling into my little piece of property and having time to discover all the nooks and crannies I have never been able to explore. I am thinking too we need to settle in because I think we are not quite finished with this particular trial.


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