20 May Photo A Day : Urban

Urban Sprawl

These images are some oldies but have an urban feel to them ( I think) a defunct hangar which has since been demolished. Sadly fallen foul to a planned housing development in an already overdeveloped sprawl of the Garden City. Somewhere along the way we have lost the whole ethos of the garden city. It seems we have thrown aside the ideas of Howard to create the most desirable balance of work and play in a healthy environment.

Howard believed that such Garden Cities were the perfect blend of city and nature. 

After a city reaches its target population, new interconnected nodes can be developed. A Garden City is built up and its population has reached 32,000. How will it grow? It will grow by establishing another city some little distance beyond its own zone of ‘country’, so that the new town may have a zone of country of its own.

Aircraft Hangar

Urban sprawl is destroying communities swallowing up small villages engulfing them in increased traffic and overpopulation overburdening local infrastructure.

Where once resided The Panshanger Airfield – now wiped out and awaiting re development of more housing.
Link Courtesy Google Maps.
Link to original plans/maps. Courtesy Cashewnut Me Research.
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