Square Tops: Top Cat; Top to Tail

Referred to by my friends as the cat lady (:( ) It suddenly occurred to me that my world (at present) is dominated by a certain feline friend named Rex. At one time having had nine cats, sadly no longer with me, who lived in harmony and mutual respect. Then a certain kitten joined the family. At first cautious and knowing his place he appeared to be accepted. Before long he grew bolder and decided he would vie to be Top Cat.

Teddy Rex and Phoebe

He set about achieving this by either pouncing from above, taking the high ground, or just bullying his way to the top.

Despite this unattractive attribute he has grown into a loyal and loving cat, who follows me around, keeps me company and generally amuses and entertains me. He does however believe he is still Top Cat in this house and who am I, a mere human, to disillusion myself that it’s any other way 🙂

Top teeth
Squares Top :Top Cat
on top of the furniture
always aloof and above looking down at me 🙂

he allows me to sleep on ‘his’ bed

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  1. Rex is most handsome. I agree with Becky, he knows it too. All your kitties are adorable.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting on Feline Friday.

    Have a fabulous day and a safe weekend. ♥

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