April Events- Update.

a still taken from time lapse video footage

April is a busy month for me Today ( April 8th) is the start of The Hertford Arts Trail. My work is exhibited in Hertford House Fore Street Hertford. Where you can view my time lapse videos and stills illustrating the passage of time. The Arts Trail continues until 5th May. Venue open every day.

The Big Showcase Exhibition launches on Thursday at The New Maynard Gallery Welwyn Garden City. This showcases HVA Members Work a precursor to HVA Open Studios in September. I will be taking part in Open Studios 2019 in my studio at Dicker Mill Hertford. Further details tbc.

I have submitted a mixed media work ‘Across’ to the big showcase.

Courtyard Arts Open Exhibition has its Private View on Tuesday where I have one of my ‘time lapse’ series prints.

Happy Life.

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