Work in progress February 2017

At last I have been able to return to the studio after a prolonged Christmas break…life gets in the way sometimes and although much of it is pleasurable there comes a time when I yearn to be back in my retreat at The Forge and creating again. I have re visited some canvasses and started working on some new ones too. A few unfinished works have been ‘whited’ out and re invented. The sea and harbours have sneaked back, maybe a yearning for a visit to the sea. We postponed our annual trip to St Ives earlier this year as a  very dear friend passed away and I wanted to say goodbye. A sad start to the year but also a celebration of an amazing person whose friendship I truly valued.A new addition to my family was a wonderful event in February and we welcome baby Theo to our extended family. I am hoping this joyful event will influence this new body of work as it will certainly be a positive effect on my life now. Please take a look at my new year’s work and tell me what you think…..


Happy Life.

A happy place to cheerup your soul and embrace your life.


परमार्थ परमो धर्म: धर्म स्वार्थ तथैव च:।


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