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In her forthcoming exhibition, Permindar hopes to make it feel as though her teddies dominate the space, even though they do not fill it. She aims to achieve this through careful placement of her installations, high up so that they appear to be surveying every part of the gallery, and located at doors and windows so that viewers must pass them on entering the room.

Entrances and exits are one of the most important parts of the space for Permindar’s work.  “I am interested in windows and doorways – boundaries from one space and another space… I want it to feel like the teddies could escape through the doors and windows,” she says. “Escaping” is a “very important” theme for the exhibition. She speaks about the teddies as if she does not have total control over them or their apparent purpose; as if they are sentient, independent creatures whose motives cannot be anticipated, even by their creator. She credits them “doing their own thing, existing in the space”. She would like to create the impression that her teddies might not be permanently contained within the gallery space, rather that they could, at any moment, escape out into the world.



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