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Saturday and Sunday

21st and 22nd May 2016

11am – 5pm

A CREATIVE hub in Digswell, Welwyn announces a chance for the public to see new

works in May during a weekend of Open Studios.

Open Studios at The Forge is a celebration of the visual arts and creative process, offering

a unique opportunity to meet a wide variety of artists in their studios, which are only open

to the public during this event.

The diverse group of artists at The Forge, who exhibit both nationally and internationally,

will reveal their latest work and will be on site at the purpose built studios to meet visitors.

The artists are part of the renowned and long established Digswell Arts, which provides a

platform for artists to explore new ways of working and reach new audiences. Each artist

at Digswell takes a unique approach to their practice and exhibits widely.

A wide range of contemporary work will be on show, as well as individual pieces for sale

at the large purpose built space set in beautiful countryside. The Forge houses ten artist

studios as well as a print studio, equipped with one of the largest etching presses in the


Visiting artists and complete beginners interested in print techniques will also be able to

talk with printmaker Sally Tyrie who runs popular print workshops at The Forge and an

‘Open Access’ programme.

Please contact Mandy Wax on 07753 672 731 for further information.

We are available for interviews or features.

Further information on the artists on the following pages.

The Forge

Hertford Road





Hideki Arichi is a British born Japanese artist, his work has primarily been

concerned with printmaking, drawing and painting. In 2014 he received the

East London Printmakers Prize at The National Original Print Exhibition at

London’s Bankside Gallery.

Recently he has started to work with ceramics and enjoy the interplay of the

relationship between 2 Dimensions and 3 Dimensions.

Caryl Beach’s work represents the transient nature of our world. With a

beauty that lies in imperfection; impermanence; and an appreciation of the

simple integrity of natural objects and processes. Her work focuses on

observing and recording traces of the layers of history that echo a universal

theme of transience, absence and presence. She has recently exhibited with

Hertford Art Society and as part of exhibiting group ‘Praesentia’ at Parndon

Mill in Harlow.

After six months of intense experimentation, Sandy Campbell will be

revealing her exciting new body of expressive abstract paintings and

sculptures, entitled ‘Resistance’. The work reflects the artist’s ongoing

engagement and fascination with materiality and surface, chronicling the

development and refinement of her evolving practice as she creates deep,

richly textured, complex surfaces full of meaning.

Jane Glynn’s work takes the form of drawings, paintings, books and

animations exploring stories and memories; she also makes diary and

calendar based work, using the ephemera of everyday life to create visual

records of passages of time. She is interested in recurring themes and

characters in traditional fairy and folk tales and in the way these enter our

subconscious and have a bearing on the ‘stories’ we relate about our own

lives. She will be showing new prints, books and animated stories.

Veronica Grassi makes three-dimensional abstract drawings. She works with

a wide range of materials from iron wire and steel rod to the finest silk and

invisible threads. Having had a busy year exhibiting in 2015, Veronica is now

working on new projects – ‘Tender Constructions II’ in the last year of her

Fellowship at Digswell Arts.

Julia Holt’s work focuses on the physicality of mark making, the play of light

on objects, and the beauty of the natural world and the way that we, as

human beings, affect it. She begins by reading philosophy and drawing from

nature, en plain air. The paintings go through a process using different

medias and are often multilayered. Julia uses oil paint, acrylic, pastels, pen,

pigment and collage and works both on canvas and paper but has a special

relationship with the absorption and playfulness that paper allows, creating

an uncertainty in her work which feels lively and energised.

Alex McIntyre will be sharing abstract landscapes inspired by a process of

walking, running and drawing areas of Hertfordshire and the UK. Her recent

work in ink and gesso on board focuses on light and seeks to communicate a

sense of what it feels like to be in, and travel through, the landscape. Visitors

to her debut at The Other Art Fair in 2015 commented that the work made

them feel calm and energised. Her forthcoming two-person exhibition with

sculptor Alex Harley will be at The Stone Space, Leytonstone from 23 June –

17 July 2016.

Sally Tyrie creates mixed media drawings and paintings working primarily

with multilayered printmaking, collage and machine stitch. Her work is

currently on show in a number of galleries around the country and is held in

many private and public collections. Most recent notable exhibitions include

‘Discerning Eye’, Mall Galleries, London, ‘Focus on Print’, Cardiff and

‘Eastern Approaches’, St. Albans Museum where her mixed media prints on

book pages won the ‘Best Applied Arts’ Prize.

Mandy Wax’s textile and installation work focuses on her interest in the

relationship and transition between states of anxiety, tranquility, and security.

She is interested is disrupting and distorting assumptions of comfort, luxury

and reassurance. Since the beginning of 2016 she has been working on a

new project ‘The Silent Rooms’, exploring in 3D what can and cannot be

spoken about. The first of her ‘rooms’ will be unveiled at The Forge open


Printmakers Simon Abbott, Mary Down, Suman Gujral and Itziar Olaberria

will also be showing a wide range of their prints at this event.


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