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Lizzy Lane based at Fenners Studios in Letchworth

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Decaying Ladybird  Source: Lizzy Lane

After studying art for four years at a college in Cornwall, I moved to Hertfordshire to study a BA Hons in applied and media art, leading to an MA. This also secured a large move for myself from Cornwall to Bedfordshire, where I am currently settled.

After studying a broad range of processes and enjoying most that I put my hands to, I now specialise in 3D sculptures, mostly constructed from wire. I have a strong passion for drawing, which is where most of my ideas begin. I see the use of wire as an extension of the pencil line, replicating the marks I would draw, only in a solid form.

My sculptures are formed around a basic framework of galvanised steel wire. Various gauges of enamelled copper wire are applied. Copper wire is a flexible and versatile medium, allowing colour, texture and pattern to be added. The wire is manipulated through knitting, crotchet, coiling or weaving techniques to apply more intricate detail.

In contrast to the wire; beadwork, copper sheet and aluminium may be used to further emphasise areas, adding more intricacy or to solidify an area.

The pieces are constructed by hand using pliers only. Knitting needles or crotchet needles are used for specific techniques. No glue or solder is used, with all materials joined by the wire itself.

Insects have always been a source of curiosity and fascination for me. The colours, patterns and transformations they undergo add to their unique beauty. Their defence or attack mechanisms are strong abilities in relation to their tiny structures, yet due to their size all their unique qualities are often overlooked. Insects are the current inspiration behind my work which aims to highlight their so often missed beauty.

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