Teddies, Teddies, Teddies

After visiting Permindar in her studio space I’m really excited in anticipation of her forthcoming exhibition next year!

UH Artists in Conversation

Most of the work that Permindar is currently producing in the studio features faceless black teddies. As seen in this previous post, teddies have featured in Permindar’s previous work in various other forms, camouflaged against a backdrop of similar fabric. Teddies appeal to Permindar as they are “half animal, half human” and allow her to critically consider human nature. Permindar spoke to me and Professor Karen Pine  (UH Department of Psychology), about the meaning of the teddies in her current work.

Many of Permindar’s previous teddies were aggressive in appearance, with claws and horns, such as those produced for We are All Animals. “A lot of my work is about protection and defence,” Permindar explains, “the claws were about defence.” The new teddies are clawless, emphasising that these are harmless children’s toys. Without claws, the teddies are less obviously aggressive, and yet remain quite threatening as a result of their black colour. They hide…

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