Ceramics Workshops

Source: Ceramics Workshops Debbie Bent is starting her Ceramic Workshops at the Fenners Building in Letchworth. Starting from 24th September, the workshops will be on Tuesdays from 10am-12.30pm and cost £15.00. Please email debbie@debbiebent.com to register your interest. also…there have been several requests for family workshops after school from mum and daughter artists so please do get …

Lizzy Lane

Features - Fellows of Digswell Arts Lizzy Lane based at Fenners Studios in Letchworth Visit Digswell Arts to discover more amazing art work :http://digswellarts.org Decaying Ladybird  Source: Lizzy Lane After studying art for four years at a college in Cornwall, I moved to Hertfordshire to study a BA Hons in applied and media art, leading to …

Teddies, Teddies, Teddies

After visiting Permindar in her studio space I’m really excited in anticipation of her forthcoming exhibition next year!

UH Artists in Conversation

Most of the work that Permindar is currently producing in the studio features faceless black teddies. As seen in this previous post, teddies have featured in Permindar’s previous work in various other forms, camouflaged against a backdrop of similar fabric. Teddies appeal to Permindar as they are “half animal, half human” and allow her to critically consider human nature. Permindar spoke to me and Professor Karen Pine  (UH Department of Psychology), about the meaning of the teddies in her current work.

Many of Permindar’s previous teddies were aggressive in appearance, with claws and horns, such as those produced for We are All Animals. “A lot of my work is about protection and defence,” Permindar explains, “the claws were about defence.” The new teddies are clawless, emphasising that these are harmless children’s toys. Without claws, the teddies are less obviously aggressive, and yet remain quite threatening as a result of their black colour. They hide…

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New Studio Space at Krowji in Cornwall

Digswell Arts Alumni Ella Carty – Shares news of her new studio in Cornwall. Open Studio Event on December 4th – 6th!

ella carty

I am delighted to have been offered a new studio space at Krowji in Cornwall. Krowji is Cornish for ‘workshop’ and is an exciting Art Space in Redruth that provides studios for a wide range of practising artist, crafts people and others working in the arts sector. It is the largest artist hub in Cornwall and has recently added a new eco building to its premises.

The Percy Williams Building has been designed and built to sit alongside the existing premises of the Old Grammar School so that it now offers over 100 studio spaces to artists. I am very excited to be moving into my new studio at the beginning of December.

I shall be taking part in Open Studios here on the 4th – 6th December. More details will follow soon!


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Digswell Arts fellow-Freya Pocklington

DIGSWELL Arts located at three sites  housing 37 Artists and 10 printmakers.Print workshops available throughout the year at The Forge Digswell- see digswellarts.org for details.           Follow Freya and other DIGSWELL Arts fellows at http://digswellarts.org     Freya Pocklington’s work presents curious combinations of dogs and other creatures, from insects to walking …

Additional event – meet the Artists 28th November 2015

Too good to miss!

Paper Scissors Stone

Saturday 28th November 2015 11am – 2pm

We are delighted to offer an additional opportunity to meet some of the artists of ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone – Taking Paper beyond the page’ on site, at The Lewis Gallery in the historic grounds of Rugby School.


How do I get there?

Click here for Google map (follow instructions for Rugby Tour and that will take you to the correct gateway – once there, just follow the road round, gallery will be on the left).

Click here for more detailed information

We very much look forward to seeing you there and sharing this, our biggest exhibition.

Thought you’d seen Paper Scissors Stone before? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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Paper Scissors Stone UPDATE


The exhibition at the Lewis Gallery at Rugby School is up and running. It’s a great space that easily accommodates the considerable number of works by the 5 artists. I am the guest artist at this particular venue, showing with Caroline Lumb, Hillary Taylor, Jo Howe and Janie Graham.

For those who missed the PV last week, there will be an opportunity to meet the artists on the 28th November 2015 – Entrance to the Lewis Gallery is on Barby Road, Rugby.

Click on the PSS link at the bottom of the page for more details and further pictures of the exhibition

Rugby Exh1sml - Mark L'Argent - Lettering Artisthttps://paperscissorsstoneartists.wordpress.com/2015/11/08/opportunity-to-meet-some-of-the-artists-sat-28th-november-11-2/

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How the residency will shape the work

Looking forward to the exhibition UoH

UH Artists in Conversation

In Permindar Kaur’s first few months at the University of Hertfordshire, she has identified several ways in which the residency has, and will, shape her work. “I have a set way of working”, she says, but the chance to operate in a new studio space will disrupt those usual working practices. The locations of her previous studios, in Sheffield at the heart of the old steel industry, in the urban centre of Barcelona, and in rural Sweden, have all influenced her work.  As a result of contact with students in the studio, she hopes she will be prompted to consciously consider her methods, and through process of reflection expects to transform the way she works.


New practices will be possible not least because of access to new equipment. Permindar hopes to take the opportunity to experiment with equipment that is not normally available to her. She was previously constrained to machinery that…

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