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Hertfordshire Visual Arts (HVA) – HVAF Members – Caryl Beach 

Photography has now become a part of my everyday life, an obsession.For many years I have documented my experiences in the landscape, evolving into a visual diary, a journal, which records and reflects my everyday journeys, noting the detail, often overlooked, in the hustle of our daily routine.

Observing and recording the everyday, the landscape changing constantly, my journeys through each day present new experiences for me to note and capture: moving images; macro images; moments in time. All inspiring me to reiterate through my work, using video, photography, painting and print.

I am now based at The Forge Digswell as a fellow of Digswell Arts and at Dicker Mill Hertford.

New Projects:

As part of ‘praesentia’ collective I am developing paintings, video and photographic images exploring the subject ‘encounters’.

Praesentia will be exhibiting ‘Encounters’ at Parndon Mill Gallery inHarlow at the end of May and throughout June 2015.

Further details to follow.

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