Midnight Mousies!

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I always find it a bit difficult to get going again with my artwork in January. But when I arrived back home from being with my mum over christmas and new year there was a most wonderful surprise waiting for me on the door mat. My lovely niece in Brooklyn had gone to the trouble of finding and posting me a gift which was just what I needed to spur me on. A sketchbook journal, hopefully entitled ‘ONE SKETCH A DAY’. Inside it read ‘A yearlong record of sketches- because every daily drawing is worthy of remembrance.’  Further down the page it says ‘ HOW TO USE THIS BOOK’ with instructions on filling in the dates for today and tomorrow. Then it says ‘Now sharpen your pencil or take out your pen…’ Well after reading that I felt compelled to obey! Along with the book were some gorgeous christmas tree…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging my post Caryl! I was going to have it as a secret sketchbook but decided to share it! Hope the new year has started well for you and the creative juices are flowing again! love Gerry xx


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