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A Vision Of Utopia-Events Programme: Letchworth

Events Programme
Pop Up gallery events–34 Leys Avenue

every Saturday 10.30–2.30pm

29th March ‘Letchworth: A Dystopian Vision’
with John Vincent
John invites you to book in to his pop
up studio to ‘try out’ for his short film “Letchworth: A Dystopian Vision” in which the people of Letchworth today will become ghosts of the Town’s sand covered future.

Exhibition tours–Every Saturday ‘from 5th April’ at 10am, 12pm and 2pm.
‘Meet at the Town Hall’

Take a walking tour across Letchworth of our Exhibition in the company of curators Kiera Blakey, Rob Burton and Mark Prescott. Hear more about each installation and how it was put together.

To book for any of these events go online at http://www.letchworth.com/artsandculture Visit Letchworth Tourist Information Centre or call 01462487868

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