Members Spring Show – St Ives Society of Artists.

Members Spring Show March 1 - April 21 2014 The St Ives Society of Artists was formed by marine artist George Fagan Bradshaw in 1927. The Society’s exhibition programmes feature work chosen by guest curators, and invited exhibitions that are a diverse mix of contemporary visual art. via Art Gallery - St Ives Society of …

carylbeach, Hertfordshire UK – Gravatar Profile

 A lovely few days in Suffolk always inspiring followed by a visit to Jerwood Space at weekend and Tate Modern-Plus a visit to Intaglio for new supplies - ready to work today with renewed energy!  Older image of moving through the landscape...recent visit to Suffolk re kindled my passion for hedgerows- still manicured- with the …

Juan delGado | Jerwood Open Forest

  This was so interesting- at The Jerwood Space yesterday- someone to follow up. (Add to ArtStack) Juan delGado | Jerwood Open Forest. Juan delGado Juan delGado is an interdisciplinary artist who aims to explore the extraordinary variety of ever changing sounds and motion created by the combination of trees and wind. His multimedia installation …

Caryl Beach Photo Gallery by inparallel artists at

  Caryl Beach Photo Gallery by inparallel artists at Inparallel were formed during our time at University of Hertfordshire studying for our BA in Fine Art. I have continued to keep the site going to document the journey from that time to the present. I have since created a gallery for praesentia, a group …

Hockney, Printmaker – Dulwich Picture Gallery

Planning to visit Intaglio for print supplies this weekend also Adding this to my calendar for the weekend- looks to be interesting: Hockney, Printmaker Timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the artist’s first print this show celebrates David Hockney’s long and fruitful career as a printmaker. Over 100 carefully chosen works give a …

britishmuseumblog | The earliest human footprints outside Africa

britishmuseumblog | British Museum blog. Nicholas Ashton, curator, British Museum Happisburgh has hit the news again. Last time the coverage even reached the People’s Daily in China, but I’ve yet to find out which parts of the globe the latest story has reached. Whereas three years ago the news was the oldest human site in northern Europe …

Work in progress – Loving the process

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 17.17.29

Jo Howe’s work is truly unique- read about her new innovative works…….

Jo Howe-Artist

I have been super busy at the moment, and  being able to get into the studio for some lengthy sessions has been a joy,  actually, rather funny too.  When asked what did I do at work today, I found it quite hilarious to show the results of my labours. Not convinced they really understood how much work it took to produce such a small outcome.

Anyway, I have found myself working up two new pieces concurrently, a most interesting process. This is quite unusual for me. My usual working methods finds me absorbed in one particular piece, and,  as is so often the case, ideas pop up whilst in this process, I generally just jot these down, quickly sketch these out and return to them when my brain is ready to explore them with vigour.

I find that this time, and I am sure that this is because the work production…

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Introduction to Artist: Roger Cecil – Howgill Tattershall Fine Art

Roger Cecil, b.1942 There is something very quiet, insistent and challenging about Roger Cecil’s work. This is not a remarkable observation - it can be found as a regular theme in all the commentaries on his pictures. The elusive nature of his imagery – where colour, texture, form and space rub against each other – …

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